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Da Vinci Machines and Robotics

Explore the mind of the greatest genius of all time


Bottom line, we’d do it again!…our DaVinci (the Ultimate Innovator) exhibit was warmly received by our guests. It’s hard for many of them to believe such an accomplished genius could make such a positive difference in the world…and so many years ago. Every guest leaves with a new appreciation for his talent, but also that they too can make positive changes to our world. The exhibit truly transcends the sciences, technology, mathematics, engineering and the arts…as well as his early influences on medical awareness of the human body… He was the “Ultimate Innovator” and we’re a better world for it. Don’t miss this exhibit anywhere it goes!

James G. Kidrick
President & Chief Executive Officer
San Diego Air & Space Museum

Created by the acclaimed The Artisans of Florence International in collaboration with The Niccolai Group, the exhibition consists of over 75 exhibits, reconstructed from the manuscripts (Codices) and drawings of 15th century Renaissance Man Leonardo da Vinci. Exploring and connecting his studies in nature, anatomy, mechanics, flight and robotics the Exhibition demonstrates how Leonardo’s work is more relevant in today’s scientific world than 500 years ago when he first conceived his amazing ideas.

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Number of Sets 3
Sq Feet 5,400 - 7,500
Exhibits Approximately 80
Interactivity Yes: approximately 50% (+ additional museum staff demonstration displays)
Height requirements 54ft
Special Requirements Projector/TV for documentary movie
Install time 5 days
Dismantle time 5 days
Assistants required (from Museum) 4 workers for (5 days install + 5 days dismantle)
Special Equipment 1 forklift for 1 day to load/unload truck (negotiable)
Merchandise Provided on sale or return basis (at wholesale price) contents are variable
Educational resources Provided (including award winning Primary Physics : The principles behind Leonardo’s science)