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Rome (Julius Caesar)

Julius Caesar Military Genius

This Exhibition brings to life the lost and forgotten technology and inventions that set the Roman Empire apart from the rest of the world and which continue to influence us to this day. By reconstructing ancient Roman technology using the same materials and techniques that the Romans used thousands of years ago we can learn so much that would not have been possible solely by studying archaeological finds and original texts.

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Number of Sets 2
Sq Feet 5,400 - 7,500
Exhibits Approximately 70
Interactivity Yes: approximately 40% (+ additional museum staff demonstration displays)
Height requirements 32ft
Special Requirements N/A
Install time 5 days
Dismantle time 5 days
Assistants required (from Museum) 4 workers for (5 days install + 5 days dismantle)
Special Equipment 1 forklift for 1 day to load/unload truck (negotiable)
Merchandise Provided on sale or return basis (at wholesale price) contents are variable
Educational resources Provided (including award winning Roman Physics : The principles behind Roman Machines)