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The Science of Archimedes

300 Years of Science and Discovery

"Archimedes’ time, known as the Hellenistic era, starts with the period of peace which began following the death of Alexander the Great in 323 BCE. While amassing a huge empire, Greek civilisation achieved substantial scientific advancement. The merger of Egyptian and Mesopotamian technical knowledge (construction and arithmetic skills) with sophisticated Greek geometry gave the Greeks the military edge over their enemies. During this period Greek mathematicians led by Archimedes of Syracuse revolutionised the world, inventing new machines for engineering and for war, they built lighthouses, harnessed the sun’s energy using mirrors, and discovered ways to balance large objects in water (buoyancy) in order to build huge ships. Using geometry they were able to measure the Earth's distance from the Sun, its size and even track its moment around the Sun."

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Number of Sets 2
Sq Feet 7,500 - 10,800
Exhibits Approximately 80
Interactivity Yes: approximately 50% (+ additional museum staff demonstration displays)
Height requirements 32ft
Special Requirements N/A
Install time 5 days
Dismantle time 5 days
Assitants required (from Museum) 4 workers for (5 days install + 5 days dismantle)
Special Equipment 1 forklift for 1 day to load/unload truck (negotiable)
Merchandise Not yet available
Educational resources Provided Sample of Primary Science for internal use by staff for workshops