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EUREKA An Interactive History of Science for Children

A STEM adventure

The development of the EUREKA! exhibition was prompted by requests from Museums and Science Centers worldwide for an interactive, historical, scientific exhibition with a focus on education, and with a small footprint. EUREKA! An Interactive History of Science for Children delivers over 50 interactive educational exhibits requiring just 2000 square feet of space. The exhibition showcases works inspired by some of the greatest historical figures of all time, such as Archimedes and Leonardo da Vinci, as well as inventions from some of the most important eras in history such as Ancient Rome and the Renaissance. We firmly believe in the merits of learning through experience and are proud to present a traveling exhibition where the thinkers of tomorrow can experience their first Eureka moment!

Theme 1 – LEONARDO DA VINCI – THE ORIGINAL RENAISSANCE MAN Covering the time period of the Renaissance (15th-16th Century AD), this section includes simple machines, engineering, art and physics.

Theme 2 – ARCHIMEDES – THE FATHER OF MODERN SCIENCE Covering the Hellenistic period (3rd -1st Century BC), this section covers simple machines, engineering, math, geometry and physics.

Theme 3 – ROME – BUILDING AN EMPIRE Covering the time period of the Roman Era (1st Century BC – 4th Century AD), this section is about engineering, architecture, physics, art and geometry of mosaics.

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Number of Sets 1
Sq Feet 1,100 - 2,200
Exhibits Approximately 50
Interactivity Yes 100%
Height requirements N/A
Special Requirements N/A
Install time 1-2 days
Dismantle time 1-2 days
Assistants required (from Museum)
Special Equipment N/A
Merchandise N/A
Educational resources TBC
Notes Designed for minimal tansport and set up costs, this exhibition packs in 50 exhibits and is 100% interactive